Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair is different. We offer a remarkably different auto service experience than the typical dealership or service station. We build our entire system with the client’s mindset, asking ourselves how we can put customers at ease and treat them with respect.

Our client’s walk into an unexpectedly beautiful environment so they can relax and relieve themselves of the typical stress associated with needing to have their automobile serviced. We offer them a hot or cold beverage while we discuss their auto troubles. We offer honest guidance and only sell customers what they need to keep their car safe and reliable.

Our waiting area and lobby looks more like something you’d expect to see in a nice hotel rather than an auto service shop. We take time to answer questions and concerns. We use our courtesy shuttle to erase the burden of having the car in the shop, giving customers rides to work or helping them pick up their kids.

We provide honest advice, fixing problems fast, and help people stay on top of routine maintenance and head off potential problems. In turn, our clients reward us with one of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the industry.