What began as a marketing decision to reach out to the LGBT community has lead to years of service to that segment of our population, so much so that owners Howard & Patty were recognized as a Diversity Champion by the Phoenix Business Journal and have been honored with a humanitarian award named after them: The Howard & Patty Fleischmann Ally Award given each year to an ally of the LGBT community by the Phoenix Pride Foundation.

Through their tireless volunteerism for the community to simply making just really good friends, Howard and Patty are champions for diversity. Where there was once a time when they were shunned by colleagues in their industry, they are now sought out for advice and guidance in how other tire dealers and service shops can become involved with the LGBT population in their own communities. They have won several national industry awards including Top Shop by Tire Review Magazine largely for their leadership and advocacy for this community. Throughout the Valley, one can scarcely hear of a charity in town that Howard or Patty have not contributed to, volunteered for or sponsored. Both served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

They can be counted on to be among the first to put their name and faces on any billboard or television commercial or news story to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion.
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