Oil Change | Phoenix & Glendale

Your car’s regular oil change is critical when it comes to its overall health. Clean motor oil helps to lubricate the engine, keeping it clean and preventing metal-to-metal contact between parts. This is why staying current with your vehicle’s oil changes and having the service performed at a reputable auto repair shop is so important.

Community Tire Pros & Auto Care is your trusted car service and repair shop, operating in six locations within the Phoenix and Glendale, AZ, regions. As a full-service tire and auto care center, we provide a wide range of maintenance solutions, including comprehensive oil changes. We are a family-owned and operated auto business, and you'll feel a friendly and welcoming atmosphere when you work with our technicians.

Engine oil acts as a lubricant and coolant, ensuring that the internal engine parts move without much friction, thus, reducing engine temperature. Taking your car to professional technicians for an oil change is critical. It helps to improve the vehicle's vitality, performance, and longevity. Fresh oil helps to clean the engine by removing any dirt, debris, and contaminants lodges within the motor. Changing the oil also rids it of smudge, a common issue that negatively impacts your engine's performance.

If you miss an oil change, your engine will start having issues. The common problem and a sign of an ignored oil change is engine overheating. Without the oil, the pistons and other internal parts moving in the cylinders become too hot because of increased friction. At first, it might only reduce the engine performance, but if it continues running with the old oil, the engine parts begin to warp and wear. If you don't address the problem, the engine eventually fails and shuts down. The only solution to that is to replace the motor, which can be extensive.

At Community Tire Pros & Auto Care, we have ASE-certified master technicians who can provide high-quality, client-focused, and affordable oil changes. We have been trusted in the Glendale and Phoenix area for over seven decades so you can trust us with your car, regardless of make and model.

When you task us with servicing your car, we don't only change the oil, but we also offer oil change inspections. Our technicians will conduct a visual assessment of the vehicle to pick up any hidden issues that can otherwise ruin your vehicle's performance. That involves checking the primary fluids (coolant, brake, and transmission), brakes, tire pressure, and wipers. With routine oil change inspections we can catch small issues early on and it also allows us to educate you on the best routine maintenance schedule for your car.

Need an oil change in Phoenix or Glendale, AZ? Bring your car to our nearest Community Tire Pros & Auto Care location for professional service today!