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Howard Fleischmann, Sr. | Community Tire & Automotive

Howard Fleischmann, Sr.


Howard J. Fleischmann Sr. is a major partner and active mgr. of Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair, which comprises of six locations in Phoenix and Glendale. The company provides full-service auto repair, as well as tire replacement and care for domestic/imported vehicles, now servicing the large truck market with tires & basic service for 18 wheelers. In addition, Howard is a partner of Ed Whiteheads’ Tire Pros, a firm that provides tire and related equipment services to farmers, commercial, fleets and retail clients in the Yuma, Welton, and Casa Grande markets. Prior to involvement in the auto repair and tire aftermarket, Howard was the operating partner of Kactus Supply, an Auto Parts distribution co. with warehouses in Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, and Albuquerque and sold in 1995.

With “customer service” as the working cornerstone of his company, Howard’s goal is to exceed all client’s expectations every time they entrust their vehicles to CTP care. As evidence of this philosophy, their team has earned the 2009 BBB Ethics award, the 2008 coveted Phx Chamber of Commerce Impact Award -” Small Business of the Year”, 2008 ASU Spirit of Enterprise award, 2013 Master SBD winner, 2012 Diversity Champions Phx Business Journal & 2013 National “Top Shop” Winner by Tire Review, etc.

Howard has built a reputation for providing the highest level of honest and professional service in the industry. Many of his staff members have successfully completed high level, industry-specific training programs. All team members are encouraged to be involved in community activities and actively support the company’s ongoing commitment to give back.

Howard brings his commitment to focusing on programs that proactively support ”helping others to help themselves.” He has been directly involved in supporting the 100 Club & many more... He is an active member of The Executive Assoc. of Greater Phx and president through June 2007. Howard sat on the board of directors for Local First AZ, Red Means Stop and the Greater Phx Gay/Lesbian Chamber of Commerce thru 2010 and is now considered the Board Elder.

Howard was born in Chicago, raised in Tucson and Howard relocated to Phoenix in 1969. He now lives with his wife, Pat in Desert Hills, AZ. Retired from his love of Harley Riding & now looking for another interest, enjoys traveling with his wife & time with ALL is grand & great grand-kids! Howard is often called on as The Car Guy for local TV stations: as well as a regular on TV’s Channel 3 Sunday, Good Morning Arizona monthly.

Howard Fleischmann, Jr. | Community Tire & Automotive


Operations Manager/Partner

Howard Jr. has been working with his father in the family business at Community Tire for the last 23 years. He married his high school sweetheart Monica and they have been happily together for 25 years! Howard’s passion in life are his two beautiful children. His son Corbin is 10 years old and has 8-year-old daughter Raelyn. 

Howard’s life revolves around his wife and kids; however, his second passion is his work. He completed his business degree while working full time for the Department of Justice. Howard has always been focused on being the best at what he does.  

He explains, Community Tire & Automotive is remarkably different, because they are locally owned, operated by family, with owners on site which is uncommon these days. Howard believes, “We are in people business, we just happen to sell tires and repair vehicles”.

At the end of the day, Howard says “These days, in a world that does not offer one-on-one personable experience and less than desirable service, we will shine above our competition with our passion for client experience, honesty and integrity”.

Pat Fleischmann | Community Tire & Automotive

Pat Fleischmann

Director of First Impressions

In today’s pressurized, highly competitive marketplace, many consumers are rightfully skeptical about the sales and service people they encounter. When it comes to tires and automotive upgrades and repairs, they may feel particularly wary and vulnerable.

The core principle on which my personal Community mission is based is simple: You get only one chance to make a first impression. My job is to see to it that our customers are assured, right from the start, that they have come to the right place. With us, it’s important that customers are made to feel special and important – because they are. The entire customer-experience, from the clean, comfortable, well-appointed lounges and rest rooms to the people who serve them, is a pleasant and positive one.

My previous 16-year experience as a retail entrepreneur, serving mostly a very choosy and selective female clientele, instilled in me the importance of being sensitive to every customer’s needs. This has been carried forward to this day and my current responsibilities.

I also have a passion for the importance to the business community of buying locally. This is expressed and nurtured by my longtime active involvement in the Local First movement. As for my personal time, I love domestic and worldwide travel with my husband, tending our Community salsa garden, spending time with our children and “grand babies,” and just watching the little ones grow.

I believe if we have made a positive difference in the lives of those we have touched, it’s all been worth it.

Kevin (Pete) Fawthorp | Community Tire & Automotive

Kevin (Pete) Fawthorp

Shop Supervisor

Kevin moved to The Valley from Walnut Creek, CA (Bay Area) in 1995, where his auto tech career began in ’86. He partly was in search of more affordable housing to raise his growing family of one boy and four girls, three of whom were adopted.

The 32-year master certified technician (27 years as a diagnostician) joined Community in mid-2015. As for what he likes best about his job: “Everybody in this company is authorized to do what is necessary to serve the customer. The emphasis is not on the bottom line. My mission is to give the customer a home, trust and comfort, knowing that we are going to do our best work and they will be taken care of.” He says his biggest challenge sometimes is “putting back together big, unfamiliar vehicles that I did not take apart.” As for prospective new hires, he states, “Some interview better than they could ever perform, but these are weeded-out fast.”

He says that he and fiance, Beverly, who works in a law firm, wake up every day with the goal of making each other happy; thus a good deal of his spare time can be built around an extensive list of “honey-do’s.” He’s proud to mention that “the kids” – current ages, 24-35 – are all successful.

His personal bucket list: “Mary Bev, travel to France to sample the culture, hang gliding or a winged suit . . . “kind of like the motorcycle thing (he’s a Harley guy), but higher up!”

Randy Beck | Community Tire & Automotive

Randy Beck

Manager — Downtown Commercial Store

Born in Iowa City, IA, Randy, and his family moved to The Valley when he was an infant. He has worked in all areas of the tire and repair business since ‘69, and joined Community in Spring 2011. He says he likes long work weeks, and what he enjoys most is being on “a first-rate team, with all the daily challenges that come with working for a great company.”

Included is seeing to it that service staff adopt – and, are willing and able to maintain – the same work ethic as he believes in. He sees his personal mission as providing customers with a hassle-free, quality experience so they will want to tell their friends.

Alice, his better half, recently retired after working as office manager for a group practice consisting of 22 psychologists. Son Jason, 43, is an equipment foreman, and the Becks look forward to spending time with their grandkids who enjoy hunting and fishing and their granddaughter who is a varsity cheerleader at Liberty High School.

Much of the Becks’ family time is centered around their mountain cabin, which they built with several friends more than 18 years ago (it was a four-year construction project). The cabin is in a beautiful, wooded area eight miles south of Mormon Lake. Randy enjoys elk and deer hunting, as well as bass fishing, here and in Mexico. He also would like to travel to Alaska, Nashville, and New England.

Daryl Layne | Community Tire & Automotive

Daryl Layne

Manager — Metro Center Store

Phoenix native Daryl is Manager of our Metrocenter store. With 46-plus years’ experience in the auto repair and tire business, he joined Community in October 2017.

In reflecting on his own shop, he now particularly values the corporate culture and support possible with his current leadership position, including being readily able to say “yes” to customers. “I enjoy taking care of problems, and enjoy the wins,” he adds.

He lists supervising staff and teaching them proper procedures as his major challenges, and providing quality service at reasonable prices while still making a fair profit as his principal mission. Dealing with some customers can sometimes be a bit of an uphill pull, he says, . . . “especially those who are already mad at their car, and, at first, may have trust issues.” But, he insists, it all works out. Adding, “It’s just a great place to work,” he points out that his store gets the most online reviews company wide, adding proudly, “and, they’re good!”

Active in the church of which their son Kyle, chaplain of the Peoria Fired Dept., is pastor in downtown Peoria. Daryl, and wife Denise, who is employed by the Creighton School district, enjoys helping needy kids and families through things like food, clothes, black to school supplies, shoes and of course toys for Christmas. He estimates that their team and extended family, including two daughters, and five grandchildren, have materially touched the lives of more than 13,000 children.

Daryl has a wish that he and can someday drive across the United States – with or without a specific plan or route in mind.

John Culbert | Community Tire & Automotive

John Culbert

Manager — Tempe Location

A native of Niagara Falls, NY who previously lived in El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM and Santa Fe, NM. John has been a member of the Community team for – as he puts it: “I stopped counting at 20 years!”

He sees his personal mission as being in sync with that of the company; it simply is to exceed customers’ expectations. What he likes best about his job is to see customer relationships grow into friendships. He likes those times when he is able to give his customers good-news repair estimates when, perhaps, they were expecting worse. “It’s good to see them react positively to our ethical standards and credibility,” he explains.

He marvels at the technological advances in his chosen field, but when interviewing prospective new hires often have to weed out some of his younger job applicants who are able to pass a written test, but come up short on being able to handle the hands-on part.

On the personal side, he’s a big fan of his 16-year-old son, Parker, an ice hockey player. He also looks forward to fishing trips in Montana, and someday would like to build a cabin in the Heber/Overgaard/ShowLow vicinity – and even one day harvest a trophy elk. But for now, this fishing, hunting, and old cars enthusiast who as a kid working in his dad’s tire shop – and whose “secret” wish is to be a game and fish warden – will be happy to just keep turning customers into friends.

Justin Essary | Community Tire & Automotive

Justin Essary

Manager — Airport Store

Apart from seven years on active duty in the U.S. Army, this Mesa, AZ native declares he has been in the automotive business “my whole life.” With experience in a family automotive business, he joined Community in August 2008.

Justin points to his military discipline as being a big help in his leadership position, and lists helping customers stay safe on the road, and “teaching my team to be successful as they learn new things” as the qualities that bring him the most on-the-job satisfaction. He insists “going above and beyond” should be expected of anyone in a position of responsibility.

His seven-year military background includes that Army time at Ft. Hood, TX on an Abrams tank crew and 14 months as an Apache Helicopter crew chief in Iraq. He says his time in Iraq taught him what is really important. His military career was preceded by his active participation in wrestling, and football in high school.

Wife Kristen is engaged in home hospice work, which she finds more rewarding than her previous work in an I.C.U. The couple head a blended family of 3 offspring. He proudly points out that son Dominic joined him at the same Community location about one-and-a-half years ago.

He enjoys trips to Rocky Point, MX on his Harley, and would someday like to cover just under 400-miles a day on his 2017 Ultra Limited – with no set destination in mind.

Pat Young | Community Tire & Automotive

Pat Young

Manager – Glendale Store

Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Pat and his family moved to Arizona in 2001. Pat has been in the automotive industry for 40 years. He started working in the auto parts business at 17 years old, and cars have always been his passion. Pat has been managing for 15 years, and he simply enjoys the challenges of managing a business and says he loves the fact that there is never a dull moment in the automotive business. Pat enjoys building a quality team and being apart of something bigger than himself.

His real passion in life is his beautiful wife Colette, his daughter Tiffany and his granddaughter Hannah. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, building 1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzles and riding his motorcycle.

Pat would someday love to travel the country and see all of beauty this country has to offer. For now, he enjoys his work, his family and lives his life with passion every day.

Deb Slack | Community Tire & Automotive

Deb Slack

Client Engagement Specialist

Personable and dedicated to her task, Globe, AZ native Deb Slack perfectly fits her role of working with those among the most demanding customers and commercial clients. A Valley resident since ’72, for the four years immediately prior to joining the Community team, she was a sales coordinator and fleet manager for a large equipment company.

Seeing her mission as “providing customers with service and support that earns the trust and builds confidence in our full range of services and products”. Her goal is to “see to it that they are so completely astounded and satisfied that they are able to rate us a 10, or more, and tell friends and family we’re the only auto repair firm worthy of their business.”

Asked what she likes best about her job, she says it’s “working for a company that puts customers’ best interests first. “It’s really exciting to meet people who may be having a bad day, and be able to turn that into a positive experience!”

The widowed mom since 2008 of three stepsons and three grandchildren, she is a care giver for her father and she loves all motor sports, riding a Harley trike, weaving blankets and rugs on a four-harness loom.

A longtime student of mechanical engineering who has worked with civil and mechanical engineers, in the future she wants to travel throughout Europe and Australia. . .

“spoil my grand kids rotten, and someday build my own home to retire and relax in through my golden years.”

Mark Prestine | Community Tire & Automotive

Mark Prestine

Service Advisor — Tempe Store

A native of the Buffalo, NY, suburb of Cheektowaga, Mark moved here in 1977 and joined Community in 2013. He enjoys working with customers (most are commercial), and looks forward to the challenges of meeting the needs of new customers. He sees his mission as getting customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

He once owned and operated a dump truck, but prefers his current job and meeting customers, some of whom “can be very funny.” One, he says, was the fellow who attempted to inflate a tire by filling it with gasoline! Another time, he discovered a customer’s pet Iguana inside of a door panel.

Mark and wife Amanda have two children, Addy and Lance. In his spare time, he enjoys softball and hunting – and “scaring kids at Halloween.” In fact, for the past 10 years, he has had a “haunted house” and maze, which is visited each year by a couple of hundred youngsters.

He says, if he started out again he’d like to be a veterinarian or maybe play pro football. He did play football and hockey in high school but would settle for reaching his goal of visiting every state (he’d better get on it – he’s got about 40 to go!). Mark first became interested in mechanics as an auto shop student in high school, and still marvels at people who put off the maintenance or repairs too long. “Even if you’ve been unable to make a choice, you’ve really made a choice,” he warns.

Calvin Huggar | Community Tire & Automotive

Calvin Huggar

Service Advisor — Airport Store

A native of Van Nuys, CA, and former 22-year resident of Eagan MN, Calvin, a bachelor, moved here in late 2015 to be closer to his parents and a favorite nephew. A concussion shortened his on-the-field career as a University of Minnesota football player, and he later attended ASU for a year.

Calvin joined the Community team in January 2016. In his present position, he enjoys “working with a good team and manager, and being with a company that values me and offers opportunity for growth.” He tackles head-on the challenges associated with the prospect of continual career growth and says he is motivated and excited to come to work each day.

For about 80% of his work day he is occupied serving fleet customers, an area of the business where there are high demands and a premium on trust. Customers know that with us, all they have to do is drop off the keys and leave everything in our hands.

Calvin says he especially appreciates the one-on-one involvement with his associates, and the company’s open-door management policy. Previously, Calvin has worked for automobile dealerships, Firestone stores, and was a general manager for Brunswick Bowling. In his off-duty time, he enjoys bowling (he’s quite accomplished) and recreational softball.

He plans on, and looks forward to, extensive future travels, with Florida, Alaska, Europe, Brazil and Australia topping his destinations list. But for now, his primary focus is on personal growth, helping customers on a daily basis and progress in his career.

Rickie 'Rookie' Goltz | Community Tire & Automotive

Ricky "Rookie" Goltz

Service Advisor — Glendale Store

Phoenix native Rickie Goltz first learned the basics of how cars worked when was in the U.S. Army. Afterward, he became a lube tech for Econo Lube ‘N’ Tune, handling small repairs to get as much hands-on experience as possible. After a varied progression of mostly auto industry positions, which honed his customer service, leadership, and management skills, he joined Community in July 2017.

What he likes best about his job is his customers, whom he regards as his extended family. He says, “When you come to see me, it should be like visiting a family friend who knows about cars and is always there when you need help. I love giving customers that sense of trust that is sometimes hard to find in the automotive repair industry.”

He adds, “Being part of an amazing team on which trust and integrity come first, where everyone strives to exceed expectations and the customer receives our best care and respect, are qualities in which I and we can take great pride.”

Megan and Rickie are raising three sons, ages 3, 10 and 15. His bucket list ranges from climbing a pyramid at Machupicchu and seeing a snow leopard in the mountains of Tibet to attending a Ghost concert, and singing Whiskey River with Willie Nelson on their shared birthday. Topping his wish list: “Being the coolest grandpa ever.”

He says, “Community Tire Pros really cares about our community. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m so proud to play my part.”