Transmission Repair & Service | Phoenix & Glendale

An engine in the car works similarly to a human heart. It generates power and depends on the transmission system to transfer this power to the wheels, to rotate and move the car. The transmission performance depends on the healthy functioning of the transmission gearbox. It comprises many parts working together. If any of the components fail, switching gears becomes a challenge, which causes problems to the wheels and overall vehicle handling and performance.

For over 60 years, Community Tire Pros & Auto Care has provided quality auto repair and maintenance services in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ. As a full-service auto center, we provide comprehensive service for transmission repairs, including fluid flushes, transmission inspections, part replacement, and other solutions.

When you bring your car to our Phoenix or Glendale branches, you'll experience a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Our customer service specialists are well-trained to listen and provide friendly and professional service so that you can have a hassle-free experience with us. That said, we will even arrange for courtesy shuttles if you need to leave your vehicle with us to ensure that none of your day is disrupted because you brought our car to us for transmission repair.

It's important to service your vehicle's transmission. First, you need to change the transmission fluid as a preventative measure. Depending on your vehicle's model, you might have to change the fluid at 60k or 100k mile intervals. That rids the transmission system of debris and contaminants that might ruin the structural integrity of the transmission components. We'll also check the transmission gearbox for proper lubrication or any leaks. Catching an issue early on with the transmission can save you both time and money over time.

Signs and Symptoms that Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

  • Difficulties switching gears
  • A burning odor (overheated transmission system)
  • Sudden gear shifting without any gear application
  • Leaking transmission system
  • Grinding and shaking in the gearbox
  • Unresponsive gears or transmission system

Community Tire Pros & Auto Care can handle all the transmission issues mentioned above. We invest in a team of professional ASE-Master-Certified technicians who know how automotive transmission systems work and can provide quality repairs, whether it's an automatic or manual transmission, domestic, foreign, or hybrid model.

If you’re experiencing transmission problems with your vehicle, bring it to Community Tire Pros & Auto Care in Phoenix or Glendale, AZ. Give us a call or schedule a visit using our online appointment form today!