Wheel Alignment in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ

Having proper wheel alignment and a good suspension system when it comes to your vehicle is vital to your ability to properly control and steer your car. Your car’s suspension system has a number of purposes, which include supporting the entire weight of your vehicle and helping to absorb shock from the road so that you can enjoy a smooth ride. Bad wheel alignment or worn suspension components can lead to part damage, excessive tire wear, and a bouncy drive. As soon as you need a wheel alignment or suspension repair, you can count on the experts here at Community Tire Pros.

Community Tire Pros has 6 convenient locations within the Phoenix and Glendale areas, all ready to assist you with your alignment and suspension needs. We proudly work on all makes and models of vehicles, and our ASE Master Certified technicians have the experience and equipment to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned and that your suspension components are replaced using top-quality parts. Additionally, we offer an industry-leading warranty at our shop, covering qualified repairs for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles nationwide.

Symptoms that can indicate your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment or suspension repair include:

  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • Uneven or excessive tire wear
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Squealing tires
  • Noisy steering
  • Clunking noises
  • Vehicle vibrating
  • Oily or damaged shocks
  • Vehicle nose-dives or dips when braking

As soon as you recognize any of the warning signs listed above, it is important to bring your car to our nearest location for an inspection. Driving with wheels that are out of alignment can begin to damage your tires, suspension components, and can make steering more difficult. Worn suspension parts can also cause additional part and tire damage, and can make for a very uncomfortable drive. You can trust that our professionals will properly identify the services and repairs that your vehicle needs to be restored, and will educate you thoroughly regarding our recommendations so that you can make the best decisions for your vehicle.

If you need a wheel alignment or suspension repair in Phoenix or Glendale, AZ, we invite you to our nearest Community Tire Pros location for excellent service. Give us a call or schedule your visit using our online appointment form today!